Welcome to the Keymailer Creator Community! Search for answers to your questions. If you can't find an answer, ask a question. And if you can answer a question, go ahead!
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Welcome back!

It's June 2018 and we've turned on the community page again! We were being overloaded with hundreds of individual questions so we've decided to make a peer-to-peer community for Keymailer users. Please ask and answer what you can, and we'll jump in too, to update, correct or add answers.

If you are a VIP or high-ranking channels you'll see a chat icon at the bottom right, when logged into Keymailer, which will give you immediate one-to-one answers to your questions. 

This community is a space to contribute your knowledge and 'best practice', helping other gamers grow their channels and ranking.

Additionally, check out some of our categories to see if your question hasn't already been addressed by members of the community.


Please be respectful of other members. We will not tolerate abusive language or nastiness in our threads. Members participating in disrespectful behaviour risk being banned from Keymailer.

Please keep all threads relevant. If you aren't sure where your question belongs, please post it in the 'other' category.

You must choose at least one category per question, this will maintain good order, helping other users to find the answers they need, when they need it.

For the sake of privacy and protection, we ask our members not to post any personal information such as addresses, phone numbers or credit card information.

Thank you for joining the community!

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Remember - search for answers, then post a question, then see if you can answer someone else's question.

Be nice!

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Welcome to the Keymailer Creator Community!

Search for answers, ask questions, answer questions, and...

be nice!