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Hi Keymailer Team,

I've been waiting around a week for Accreditation without any notification of when it might happen. If there is a backlog I don't mind waiting, I understand how busy it gets especially closer to the holidays. I had asked previously about registering both of my channels but I was told you don't have a system in place for that. However I still wanted to present both of them as they would both be sources for my game coverage.

Here are the two channels I operate:

www.YouTube.com/RerezTV and our sister channel  www.YouTube.com/RerezLive

The first channel produces longer formatted videos that come out less regularly like this:

While the second channel produces near daily video game news and opinions on both YouTube and through Podcast formats like this:

I also write up short formatted reviews on Twitter that didn't seem to be showing up on my Keymailer social feed. This was the most recent: https://twitter.com/RerezTV/status/1062845797350264832

Let me know if there is anything I can do to better present our network for your site!


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I had a look on your channel and with your amount of subscribers you should be accreditated long ago.
I saw that you do not have any recent videos on your content stream. For accreditation and the accreditation process to start you need to have at least 3 videos/streams that are not older than 30 days on your content stream.
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Hi KM Help,

I appreciate you looking at our channel and the amount of subscribers we have. Both of our channels combined place us close to 180,000 subscribers. However I believe your content stream system is faulty. Not only have my team and I produced three videos in the past 30 days, we've made five on our main channel not including two additional streams we produced. Both of the streams by the way are of games your service is offering, including Fallout 76 and Jackbox Party Pack 5.

On our second channel (that I have not been able to link) we have produced well over 30 videos or more in the past 30 days. These two channels are earning millions of views and for some reason your system doesn't seem to be able to see that? Is there an option where I can manually submit content that your system is missing?

I'm seeing countless folks on this help site that are apparently very upset who don't believe they are being tracked correctly. If channels like ours are any indication I think there might be a bigger problem with the site.

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I've now switched out our main channel for our second one. Hopefully this fixes something.

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