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I noticed that Keymailer has a problems at the time.
The first problem is that somehow my steam games are not updated with you, the same with YouTube, Twitter, Mixer or Twitch subscribers.
The Manuele update also does not want to work properly, Addblocker is also disabled.

The second problem was that I had 107 Keys left, now it's nothing.
please check that, it can not be that they just disappear, even new keys are no longer added to a key for the demo to between the stars.

The tracking of videos and posts takes extremely long (I use the manuele function as long).

Please check that.

Since there is something wrong with no new games, I can not make videos to keep my community entertained and up to date.

Even games that I have requested are suddenly missing in the Requests.

I would look forward to a quick response.

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That is very odd! I am going to forward your profile and your Message to our devs so  that they can have a look on your account if there is anything wrong.
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thanks for the help, more keys are gone....from 107 to 53 to 46....
i hope this problem become a fix...
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I sincerely hope that you will soon find the fault that all steam games are not updated with you.
no steam keys come any more, the one before I was uncredited and recently Accredited again, could it be that it is probably?

I have now redeemed the remaining keys and sent back the ones I did not need.
so others can use these.

I hope you find the error with the disappearance of the keys, and that I no longer receive.
but also that the update of the games probably still does not work properly, since many of my games are still not listed as "own"
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Hi i cant create a ask question im sorry but i asked for a key battlerite royal, and it is pass status owned, but I'm not at all this game, I test it during this period of testing and it's Anyone, anybody have a solution please? thank you in advance

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