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Hi there, sorry to bother but I've got a bit of a maybe dumb question.

See I feel the statement regarding accreditation is a bit vague.

The page on my profile states: "We accredit a channel by checking it is active and has regular, well-tagged content. "

So could I ask, what do you mean specifically with:
-Regular, well-tagged content.

To clarify my questions.
-How many uploads does one require in order to be considered active?
-Do related twitter posts also count?

-What do you mean with "regular" content?
-Is that content "always on the same day" or "content every day" or is it "content regarding the same topics"?

The reason is I ask is because my day job I am pretty much unable to stream on the same day/time as I do shift work and therefore can't even guarantee I will stream on a Saturday/Sunday.
My audience is aware of this as well.

I guess my questions in basic terms is what specific parameters is Keymailer looking for to grant accreditation. Because "Create and tag at least 3 gaming videos per month"  doesn't seem to do the trick.

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For accreditation we need to see that a account is uploading for at least 1 month and has at least 3 videos uploaded per month.
Twitter posts do not count into accreditation.
With regular content we mean regularly uploaded content, so the at least 3 per month, the schedule is all up to you.
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