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Hi there!

Noticed in the field on the profile there are no options for "Tutorial" or "Guide" videos.
A large portion of my views are held in Tutorials explaining how to play a game, Quickstart guides etc.

These are gaming related categories that are not really classifiable as "Walkthroughs" or "Strategy Guides"
As their main point is to teach basics and protocols so a player can easily get into a game.

It may be useful for game devs to be able to see accounts whom frequently create content to ensure their players who are not served with the developers tutorial have alternatives on day one from people who make it their business to train others.

Hence I would suggest allowing for Tutorials & Guides to be a category or two separate categories.

Just a thought.

Might also be useful to be able to state what categories we "Definitely don't/won't produce."
For example, I will probably never produce a speedrun as that is just not my thing.

From my point of view, it would look like atm I only do "streams" and "let's plays" and none of the other stuff.
As it's split in "Created Often" and "Not created often".

However, I do:

-Let's plays
-Walkthroughs(not often)
-review(Only on steam and specified website)
-Occasional compilation
-Quick Start Guides

Which looks a lot of a bigger list. When separated out of "infrequent" to "never".

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Thank you so much for your suggestions! That is greatly appreciated and I forwarded it our devs so that we can discuss how we can put it on our roadmap!
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