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Hey there, I noticed that my account was pending for review for a while, when I checked back recently my account reverted back to being unaccredited, which is fine but I also noticed the 'This content item has been flagged as invalid' on a couple of the uploads, now the tag 'video game' was automatically added by the system without me knowing, and when I tried to add in the correct tag the system didn't recognise the game title and couldn't provide me with one.

Is there any way of getting this removed?

Many thanks!
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Same thing happened to me.
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There's a lot of games that have rather generic names that's polluting the system. I've seen games added as tags because of my episode numbers or even just the genre tags I add to my videos.

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I just saw I forgot to send my answer, your videos should all be unflagged.
Unfortunately, we do not set the tags ourselves and some devs are not thinking when choosing theirs. And it can take some time until we realize that someone added a not-so-well-chosen tag. As soon as we see it we change the tags to a better suited one.

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