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I even noticed that this same problem happened when I made an account for this help site. I actually got an email when using a different email address entirely.  I really would like to access my old account and switch it to a newer email address if possible.  Also, I am unsure why my password no longer works.  I also checked my spam folder and do not see anything there either.

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No problem, Your username is Mansfield Games  right?
Do you want to have the email connected to it that you signed up here with?
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Yeah if we could do that and a password reset. I have no idea what credentials they changed my account to but I had this problem with multiple accounts that were connected to my AOL email. I actually made a Gmail that might be more secure if we could use that instead? It’s IvanRogers22@gmail.com (I am not very creative with my emails)
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I just wanted to change the email adress,but it looks like you got in and could change it yourself :)
(You should see my email addresses, they are worse :D )
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I am having the same issue, and have yet to get any support!

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