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Hi all!
After playing free weekend, Rapture Rejects is marked as owned. While it's actually not.

I tried to search a solution to it, but even if I noticed you often ask "Did you play a free weekend?" I never found what should be done in that case.

There's any way to unmark it as owned and be able to ask a key again?
Thank you.


1 Answer

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Unfortunately, once a free weekend was played steam has data of the game saved on your library. Which keymailer finds and marks the game as owned. For it to unmark it, we would need to get access to steam and delete the leftover data. We obviously do not have access to steam, which is why we cannot do anything from our side.

Shoot an email to the devs and let them know! You can reach them here:      support@tinybuild.com
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If I would succeed to convince Steam support about removing the game as "owned" in my library, would it automatically update the status in keymailer?


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