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Saturday, I streamed 3 games that were given to me via Keymailer; MarZ Rising, Rapture Rejects and TSIOQUE.

Keymailer did a good job automatically adding my coverage of MarZ Rising and Rapture Rejects, but for some reason didn't catch that I also streamed TSIOQUE.


Any help much appreciated

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I had a look on your channel, and wasn't able to find the stream for Tsioque on your account. The stream you have linked was for "One Hour one Life" and that one shows up on your content stream for me.
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If you go to the link I posted in the OP, you'll find that I was streaming TSIOQUE there.


At 0h:49:15

I'm not sure why the Twitch title shows that, but it wasn't that during the stream. I had the TSIOQUE tag and everything.
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