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I received a key for a game today but when I tried to redeem it, it Steam tells me that it is already claimed. I have looked for an email for the Dev, but it's not included in the information I got when redeeming it. Is there any way to get a notification out to them?

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What is the game key that was already redeemed?
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The Key was for Mutant Year Zero. I have posted a question in their forums as well, but have not received a response as of yet.
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Try to contact them here: https://www.funcom.com/contact-us/?cn-reloaded=1
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So it has been a few days and there has been no response from them at all. Today I redeemed a new Key offered to me and there is a new security measure on Keymailer. Is this because of keys being redeemed bu others? If so what am I to do about the Mutant Year Zero key that I am still unable to redeem?

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