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Hi, i recently register in a couple sites for beta keys etc, i work already with some companies
and i already recived review copies and reviewed games

i just got accepted as media on  terminals and i saw i got rejected here
but on terminal they asked me to put my subcount public temporarely
Maybe cos' my subcount was private
since it's from yesterday i would like to share my subcount now that is avalible on socialblade
can you please re-evaluate my accreditation

please consider my total views and not views/video since i upload 7 videos each day to have a correct example of my work
Nico aka BlueFire

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First of all we do not look at views when looking at the accreditation.
For accreditation we first of all look on subs, which in your case are not shown (and is also why you show as unaccredited, the sub count has to be on public so that keymailer can scan it).

The second thing we look for is regular uploads, which have to be more than 3 a month, and that those are also on your content stream on keymailer.

The third thing we check is that the tags and videos itself are right ~aka no multiple tagging when only one game is being played, the game tagged is in the video, the video is own material and not a reposted trailer,...

The last thing we check is the length of the videos, videos shorter than 5 minutes are not being considered for accreditation as those do not properly show a game.
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Forgot to add:
Even if we would accredit you now with your sub count on private, keymailer would automatically take away the accreditation tomorrow when i scans through the accounts as it says you have less than the 50 minimum subs needed for accreditation.
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Ok, Now i understand how the system works, not worthed for me  right now at least, i had a huge boost in everything privatizing my stuff. I'll stay without accreditation

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