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So I used to have a youtube channel, for which I would get games from keymailer and tag them accordingly. I didn't get accredidation cause by the time the videos would have been removed, the month of "recent content" would have already gone by.
Eventually stuff happened and youtube proved too much work and stress for me. 3 weeks ago, I started with a twitch channel. I still have a few keymailer games from my old youtube channel that I haven't played yet and have been wanting to.
In these 3 weeks I am already over the 50+ follower mark so all I'd need to do to get accreditation is have 3 pieces of properly tagged content. In the describtions of the games I have gotten, it says "tag twitch content like [blank]".
The only issue I have found, is there no longer seems to be an option to put in customizable tags on twitch. It just gives me a handful of options to pick from. So how do I tag my content accordingly to reach accreditation?

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Keymailer is picking up your twitch content through your tags that you set on twitch when starting to stream.
How to tag on twitch you can find here: https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/2955065-guide-to-tags

As  soon as you have the accreditation you can also manually change tags of streams that are on your content stream.

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