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hello, my channel youtube to 17000 subscribers , I'm active on my channel, I do more than 3 videos or live by month, only your scanning software does not recognize the 3/4 tags on my videos ...
I think I fulfill the conditions for my acreditation, but I am not offered to certify myself.

can you please, help me to correct this problem.

MY YT Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCY2KHXHmRArP6raT-2doyw

Ps : (I already fixed the tags for every video)

Friendly, Doumé

1 Answer

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I ordered a rescan of the tags, it can take up to 24h for it to go through everything, but it should pick it up then :)
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thank you for your help and I will wait for the result of the new scan in this case!
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can you watch for my profile too pls ? he lg (aka 123) // twitch gutsdestroyyou
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