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When I started my Keymailer account i was a YouTube channel that did multiplatform games. I've since changed to a website game site and focus only on PlayStation products. I've changed all the info and have now been accredited and VR verified however when I go to request some keys like The Long Dark it won't allow me to request them due to it says i own the game (on Steam). I cant use steam anymore as I dont have access to that account and reviewing the Steam version isn't going to work when posting a review for the PS4. I've reached out to the publisher but they linked me back to their Keymailer request page. Is there a way I can adjust this where the games done view my Steam library and stop me from requesting a PS4 code?

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As long as your steam account is connected to your keymailer account we cannot change something. If you would like I can delete your steam account off of your profile
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If that wont affect my overall rating or anything with the site then that would be great. If it would have any sort of negative effect I guess we need to leave it on there.
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That is hard to estimate. From our side, it is not bad if you don't have your steam account connected. For some devs it is, as they like to track their keys (if it gets used by the account they send it to).
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That's understandable. I'll go ahead and say yes delete it since I dont use the codes on steam anyway. I only request PlayStation games so that shouldn't affect anything.
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I disconnected your steam account, so you can go ahead and ask for the game key.
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Thank you. That helps me a lot. In the FAQ it says something to get my website listed as "accredited editorial". Do you by chance know where I can go to get that done? I mean since I have your attention and all figured I'd ask.
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