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I'm aware that Keymailer mainly caters to streamers and video content creators but since the site accepts Editorial sites as well, I thought it would be great if we "Editorials" could send links to the reviews we've written for the games received via Keymailer to the developers. This works for Steam reviews (written ones) as well.

The link to the review can also double as proof of content produced (not all Editorials produces video content, unfortunately).

Currently, there's no way to do that on the Keymailer platform, short of searching for the developers on Google and contacting them via the company website (if there's one).

It probably isn't a big change to the system - it's more like sending the developers a message, letting them know that their game has been reviewed so they can take a look - and can be implemented pretty easily. So, what do you think?

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If you get a key to a game, you do have the ability to send the devs via keymailer a message. Editorial websites can send links to their written review via this message tool
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Hi KM, thanks for the reply! However, I've searched high and low for this messaging feature (I've searched under the My Keys section) and I still couldn't find it.

Could you let me know where exactly I can send the devs a message via keymailer?

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