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** PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE REPLYING "I CAN'T FIND GAMEPLAY OF TSIOQUE ON YOUR PROFILE" - this is the 3rd time I create a discussion for this. **

I DID play TSIOQUE on my stream, but for some reason the TITLE DIDN'T UPDATE.

Please GO TO THIS LINK and you see that I was playing TSIOQUE: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/346390513?t=0h50m50s

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And like the third time: Keymailer is scanning what is exactly shown on your twitch profile. The video you are linking to is under the category "One Hour One Life", which is the only information keymailer is taking out of your account. Stream, Streamname, Stream Category. If you switch games during a stream, keymailer does not detect that in which case you need to add the tags manually.

The stream shows up under:

Server 6 - Trying for a new civ - Roleplay or DIE - RIP Bananas

Published 8th December 2018
One Hour One Life

You simply need to go to edit tags and add whatever games you have played in the stream.

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