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I’m seeking accreditation for my editorial blog. We also podcast and run a twitch and YouTube channel. We are in pending status for our video uploads but your FAQ said to submit three recent written reviews since we are also editorial. I wasn’t sure where to send them so I’m posting them here:




Please let me know if you need anymore information.



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After a couple of months of not having a proper rule of how to accredit editorial gamers, we have changed the whole process internally. As soon as you fill out the website or blog information, your account gets into its own internal „pending for editorial website accreditation“ stage. That way it has its own critieria, which does not include the uploaded videos like the normal accreditation.
As soon as you successfully filled out the information, we are going to individually check the information you have provided us, checked the website and the reviews you have done.
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Thank you for your response. Is there an ETA on how long the review process for editorials might take? I’ve been waiting over a month.

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