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Hi. I’ve recently uploaded some new content onto my YouTube channel and have been sure to use the official tags as listed on the games offical page. Unfortunately they haven’t been picked up yet and I am worried that this will hold up my accreditation. Please help!

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Hi FifaMad2016,

As long as you are regularly uploading content to your channel, your content stream will refresh once every 24 hours. So if you've created some content, it should take < 24 hours to appear in your profiles content stream. A word of advice though, if your channel has been inactive for a while, your content stream will not update as quickly. Conversely, however, the more actively you upload content, the quicker your stream will refresh.

I hope this helps.
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I am a member since September 2016, I was uploading several times during the week. Yet since 3 years my feed contains only ~20 videos out of 1000+ I have on my channel. Because of this, my rank is bronze too. Please help.

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