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I have a youtube channel, twitter, and as well as twitch along with a review site.  I also do reviews for games I receive as keys on my steam curator page, http://store.steampowered.com/curator/32244484 ; however, I noticed that I havent received or been rejected from receiving keys since January 3.  I used to be able to get keys on a normal bases.  Can someone please check my account to see what is going on?  

My Username on Keymailer is GiZm0GaMeR.

My youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoDzLHhm3EB4Onv725JfQTQ

If someone can please check my account, it would be greatly appreciated.  I had this issue before in Dec. and something got stuck.  I started to receive keys again but looks like issue happening again.  Thank you.

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I had a look on your account and there was a note on your account that the received keys are rarely being covered.  Which happens automatically when the redeemed to covered ratio is very low, to prevent abuse of the system. It disappears itself, as soon as the ratio is better. Due to that it is possible that devs do not send keys as much.
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Thank you for the reply back. I know I have been doing the reviews on steam curator but I understand that doesn’t count toward your keymailer stats. I can certainly do more videos on YouTube and so forth. You said it was automatic that this would get removed when I catch up? Also, any idea of what the ratio is for keys to videos submitted? I couldn’t find any info in the rules of the site, but like I said, I would be more than willing to keep up the work for videos so that I can get in devs or keymailer good graces. Any more details would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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I think I'm probably in the same situation. Will also try to catch up.
I can understand that those note are only internal system, but that would help us to have more infos on our account if we are not satisfying the system, to correct things.
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It is resolving itself as soon as the ratio is better. We have an internal rating system which puts users in categories on how high the possibility of abuse of the system is. If there is a significant difference between covered and redeemed keys we have to check the accounts to see what is the cause of those numbers ( as we also had problems with users selling keys already). The rating system is only visible to keymailer staff members though, so devs and publishers can't see it either. The only thing they can see is the likelihood of users covering their keys calculated by the cover/redeemed-ratio. If the numbers are very low, we put a note on your profile, and as soon as the ratio has improved above a certain percentile it is automatically deleted by the system.

We are currently also looking into ways to implement the Steam curators, but until we are able to successfully implement it, will take a while.
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