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Hello,i saw this Sponsored content stuff and im not quiet sure how do i set the prices? What is the average views part,what do i do with the Minimum deal?

It says my average views are 751,000 and when i put 0.01$ Per view,on Minimum deal it shows 7,510$. Do i put that price or what,im a bit confused! I hope someone can  explain me it!

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Hi Bengo,

The average views is computed across all of your tagged content that Keymailer has imported. You can use it to help guide you in deciding what your minimum deal should be.

The minimum deal size is entirely up to you. If a game publisher approaches you to create Sponsored Content, how much would you like?

When you complete the price per view, Keymailer simply suggests a minimum deal size based on your average views. You don't have to fill in that exact value - you can specify less or more, or you can try a different price per view to get the suggested deal size to be closer to what you would like. When a publisher offers you a Sponsored Content deal, they might use your price per view and your average views to estimate how much they would have to pay you.

Hope that helps!


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