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I've recently registered to this webpage and it seems that there is an issue with my accreditation process. On my profile, I've found information: Email address ‘XXXXX@polygamia.pl’ has been reviewed but does not come from an Accredited Publication. Please complete the Blogs section below.

While Polygamia.pl does have a blog-like layout, it's one of major Polish gaming web pages, with monthly unique users that a lot exceeds the criteria in the form (which is 500k). Can I please ask for re-evaluation for my profile?

I've also provided my personal twitch channel in my bio - maybe someone who reviewed the account saw this and thought "bah, too small number of users", which is true, but that's only my pet project. The main reason for my presence here are the materials that I am preparing for Polygamia.pl.

Please let me know if I need to provide any additional information.

Kind regards,

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No worries, it has already re-checked itself and shows up to me as confirmed. It is also already on my pending for editorial accreditation list, so no worries!
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