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We are a couple of friends with a shared channel. YouTube has recently incorporated the brand feature to let multiple collaborators share a channel.
Our linked account to Keymailer, which has a few thousands subscribers, currently shows 0 subscribers on the profile page.
Furthermore, we cannot receive credit for one of our videos that was uploaded via the brand, and it reads that it does not belong to the channel that is connected to Keymailer.

*update* After disconnecting and reconnecting, problems remain. While the correct number of subscribers is showing, I am unable to submit most of my videos, and they induce an internal error on KM.

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When i checked your youtube account it shows up as "This channel does not exist", I would recommend disconnecting and reconnecting it.
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I tried reconnecting our account. Now the subscribers are showing correctly.
This time though, all the content I tagged on Keymailer is gone, but trying to submit it again, I run into errors. The only video that I was able to submit was the one video we uploaded after changing into a "brand" on youtube.

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