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The game in question is Earth Defense Force 5 for PS4.  After I've streamed it for a few nights on Twitch it is not being recognized by keymailer at all.   

On Twitch it's listed as "Earth Defense Forces 5"

Is there a way to get this fixed or can I edit the tags?

Thank you.

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That is odd, I had a look if internally the tags where alright and everything is linked, so it should show up.
I ordered a rescan for the tag which might take 2-3 days, but it should show up then.
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KM Help, I've streamed Earth Defense Force 5 a few times since you mentioned on the last post you did the scan, but the original coverage from last month plus the recent ones are not showing up under "My Coverage Stream" page still.
I am choosing "Earth Defense Forces 5" as the Twitch Game Title when I stream.

Thanks again.
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I'm still having issues with this game, it's not picking up all the streams for EDF 5.

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