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Last December I updated some of the tags on my videos in order to update my coverage stream but every time I refresh the videos still don't show up on the coverage stream. That also happened this Wednesday when I posted a video of Resident Evil 2 with the tag indicated on the page and still doesn't show up.

Could you help me?

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I had a look on the resident evil 2 video you have mentioned on this one the tag is not 100% accurate. For it to show up it  needs to be tagged as:      resident evil 2 biohazard re:2 "1-shot demo"
Your tag has been: resident evil 2 biohazard re:2 1-shot demo

As soon as you tag it that way it should show up within 48h.
I couldn't have a look at the other videos as I don't know which one they are.
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Thank you for informing of the correct tag. The videos that I am referring to are the ones related to Half-Life and Mega Man. I have the correct tag but they do not appear in the coverage stream.
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