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I would like to ask why we can't request anymore keys? It seems to us like a shadow-ban or something, but we have not broken any Keymailer rules, nor abused any of its features. Could that be because our content is published on Steam Curator and not on YouTube (that is why we got "editorial website" accredition, not YouTuber) and your system does not register it as a valid content?

We are the biggest Czech Steam Curator with over 200 reviews and also many YouTube videos (despite the fact it is not our main platform).

Can you please look at that? At the moment we can't request any Steam keys.

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I had a look on your account and from our side everything is working.
You should delete your cookies and try again.
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Actually, the button works but the developers won't see the request (my friend, approved developer checked it for me). Can you please check it again?

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