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I was under review for about a month so I submit a support ticket, and after one business day of the support ticket being submitted my status changed from under review to unaccredited. Unless I'm misunderstanding the requirements, I have almost 3,000 subs on YouTube and upload 1-2 videos that are one hour long every day. Any more information on the accreditation process that explains this would be appreciated.

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I had a look on your account and from my side it shows up as pending for accreditation.
I had a look at your status history and there it shows up as once being checked a month ago and being set for a re-check. And being pending since.

Is it still showing up as unaccredited for you? If so I will forward it to our dev is there is a error in your profiles display.
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How can I submit a proper support ticket? I need help but I thought we could only post help questions here?
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I'm now accredited, thank you for looking into it.
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