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Hello, I've recently made a channel for my game reviews, funny moments, montages and achievement tutorials. I've signed up for Keymailer soon after and I met the 'get 50 new subscribers after signing up' requirement soon after, so I refreshed the YouTube stats and my accreditation process started.

At that moment I only had 3 videos on my channel one of which was a short test. Currently I have many more videos, some of them with a decent amount of views, but the page is still showing the subscriber counter from the day I first refreshed.

Should I refresh again? The accreditation process has been pending for a while. Would refreshing make it start over, or just update the video list and subscriber count? Do I need to keep updating the page for the accreditation to speed up, or just leave it as it is and wait for someone to review my channel?

Right now my videos get a decent amount of views and I make new ones regularly, would refreshing the stat page daily make it easier/faster to get accreditation or quite the opposite?

Thank you for your help!

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Keymailer automatically refreshes your subs number when you are unaccredited every 10-14 days, you can of course always manually refresh it. Refreshing it doesn't have any influence in your accreditation process at all. For accreditation you are as long as you are pending in our list of pending users, that we go through from highest sub number to lower sub numbers. I saw that you have between 70-80 subs, to get there will take a while, just to let you know. On youtube we are currently on the 1500 sub mark. So getting to less than 100 will take a while.
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