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Point one, as a feature it would be nice that we can hide games that we don´t want to see anymore as a request, so we can clear the lists a bit for ourselves.

Point two, I have been checking old games and there is still the possibility to request keys from games from 1998-2005 (for example, even more)  , so the question there is, shouldn't they expire?

Thanks for your time
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We always like getting product design suggestions, so keep them coming.

ONE: If you mean 'archiving' games on the discover or browse pages that you've decided you're not interested in, yes, we've got that on the roadmap.

If you mean games you've been offered, you can reject the game and return the key.

TWO: We don't limit what requests publishers will accept. But it's possible they don't use our tools that let them remove games from accepting requests. So as a rule of thumb, only request old games if you think a publisher might be still interested in getting coverage, e.g. evergreen titles, or when a reboot is coming!
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Hi again, I'm really interested in the process of option ONE; being able to archive games people is not interested in is really useful when it comes to not looking through the same games again and again.

Is there something like that available yet? If not, any date?

The reason I answer to this old thread is to not create a new one. Thanks for your time.
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