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I have a small problem with the tags what are automatically gathered from my YT videos.

== Example:

== Game recorded:
Paper Dungeons Crawler

== Tags gathered of two games:

== Real title:
08 = Paper Dungeons Crawler == Dalsza przeprawa przez wężową krainę

== Tags in video description:

== Tags in Youtube tags:
gameplay,gra,game,pc,pl,games,let's play,walkthrought,po polsku,full hd,#agent2mega,Paper Dungeons Crawler Steam,Paper Dungeons Crawler gameplay pl,Paper Dungeons Crawler let's play pl,Paper Dungeons Crawler lets play pl,Paper Dungeons Crawler ep1,Paper Dungeons Crawler po polsku,lochy,dungeon,RPG,labirynt,logiczna,taktyczna,rozwój postaci,retro,16bit,16-bit,Indie,Agent Mega,labiryntówka,kazamaty

== Keymailer game tags for Paper Dungeons Crawler:
OFFICIAL HASHTAG = #agent2mega
YOUTUBE TAG = paper dungeons crawler

== Keymailer game tags for The Hardest Dungeon:
YOUTUBE TAG = the hardest dungeon

Why The Hardest Dungeon is added as tagged?

1 Answer

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I had a look and there was a wrong internal link that keymailer mixed up, I changed the Hashtag and linked it again, so it should not tag itself anymore!
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It's not a big problem - but someone can tell that I did this especially to gather coverage.

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