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I'm a Keymailer user from September 2016. I also a father and with my son, we have one YT channel. We both covering steam games, he also a Switch console (I'm not playing Switch games myself).

I want to separate a little those keymailer profiles. Reviews are usually created by me, sometimes he adding his own part. Review videos - only by me. Game guides/strategy guides - only by me. Gameplay records are created by both. Because games are shared between those 2 steams accounts I never will ask for 2 keys from those two accounts for the same game (and if I need a second one to record a multiplayer video I just ask directly developer as before I did).

There are currently no possibility to ask on Keymailer for one key for steam and switch console (if you have PC game). Some games I have on steam and there are no possibility to ask for switch game for him.

I've created and keymailer account (ZBIJACZ) for him but I can't add our YT channel.

When I trying to add out YT channel I see an error:
"This YouTube account is already linked to another Keymailer user"

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It is only possible to add every youtube channel to one keymailer account.
You are able to request keys for steam and switch at the same time when you request a key that is available for both. A pop-up will show up and you can decide for which platforms you want to request keys.
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But I have those games on my steam and it's not possible to create request for that game. I see "YOU HAVE THIS GAME IN YOUR LIBRARY."
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