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For about the past week I've been streaming Kingdom Hearts 3 on Twitch. I understand that KH3 isn't on the list in Keymailer, so I probably won't receive credit for it. However, later in one of those streams I ended stream with a few hours of Dead by Daylight, and made sure to update the game on Twitch. However, because the stream doesn't show up at all in my profile, I can't manually add DBD as a tag, even though it does show up in Keymailer. Is there another way I can manually add a Twitch stream to my coverage stream?

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Unfortunately, Keymailer is only scanning the first tag that is being set on streams, so if you first play KH3 keymailer won't pick it up :(

I will check though if KH3 will come to keymailer or not, or if my colleagues could add the tag link so you can get credit for the game
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