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Hi again. I notice that all my coverages are been flagged as invalid.
It's not fair a content of submautica that can't tagged with "Aurora".
Or the new subnautica below zero has to be tagged with "subnautica" and "below zero" separated or even "alian planet".
You know that this is how youtube works.
Can I for instance have my flagged coverage editable for me to I manually change that? Because I need to change manually a lot of videos.

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Unfortunately, those tags are tags of different games and as publishers see the videos that are tagged with their games, they can also flag videos that are falsley tagged with their tags.

You are able to delete and change tags when you go to your content stream and click on edit tags.  I can unflag the last flagged video of yours, but it is possible that as soon as the pubs see the video showing up on their game because of the tags that they flag it again.
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Yes do that. I change the tag fast. Because is normal multiple tags on one video and I don't want to lie when on a subnautica video I tag alien world...
Thank you

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