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So while we've been an accredited user for almost two years, a lot of the keys we take and write content for aren't being aggregated by KeyMailer. The reason for this is due to our editorial flow, it's almost impossible for us to tag reviews created with KeyMailer given keys with the required hashtags when they're shared on our social platforms.

I think this may reflect on our overall "influence rank" on KeyMailer which is currently Bronze, likely due to it looking like we've been grabbing keys and not producing content.

So TL;DR, as well as submitting YouTube content, it would be fantastic if we could submit editorial and written coverage in a similar way so that it doesn't look like we're just scooping up keys for the fun of it.

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Unfortunately, for now the only way to show that there has been written reviews is via twitter. We are working on tagging editorial reviews, but it has shown to be trickier than expected and we are still trying to find a way to make it work.
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Hmm, that is a tricky one. As a primarily editorial publisher, it makes getting anything from KeyMailer a little difficult in that regard being rated, presumably, so low compared to more active users.

Happy to provide suggestions or ideas if you're interested in talking further :) (aaron@n3rdabl3.com)

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