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Why I am unaccredited again, I did wait too much time and I got unaccredited again. I have too much videos in a month and 3.500+ subscribers, I was too excited for get accredited but why I did be unaccredited, I'm out of patience :(, all I wanted be connect with great game publishers :(
Edit: I got pending again but I will be unaccredited again I think because this happened me twice. can please check my account it's everything alright for get accredited? Because I have everything what keymailer request but I got unaccredited twice. I'm uploading a video every 2 or 3 day all tagged well and I want upload many different games after I got key from great game publishers but I even can't be accredited :(

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Keymailer puts accounts automatically in and out of the pending list. I had a look at your Stat history and you have been checked 3 times so far, and have been put on hold to get rechecked a week later again.
Whenever you get out of the hold, keymailer puts you as unaccredited to make a full scan through your profile which takes about 10-15 mins, and if you have still the requirements and if you do, puts you into pending again.
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But why I'm always get unaccredited when i have requirements already? I'm waiting for months and still same :(

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