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I am still unaccredited although I do meet the criteria to be accredited. can someone let me know if there is anything missing that I am unaware of?

also, some of my coverage streams tags come up as invalid, but I cannot find any information on why. could you give me some guidance, please?


Kind regards

1 Answer

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Your videos have been flagged as invalid as they are not following the tagging guidelines.
Your videos are tagged with:  American Truck Simulator Arma 3 Assetto Corsa DCS World Euro Truck Simulator 2 PIXARK Project CARS X-Plane 11
While only one or none of those tags is actually the game that is being played in the video.

As soon as a video gets flagged it doesn't count towards accreditation which is why it shows as unaccredited for you (taking out all of the flagged videos, you have only 2 valid videos that count so far for accreditation)
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Ok, in my last three videos I have put the tag that each game has on your page. I can not put more referring tags of the game and it says to me again "This content item has been flagged as invalid"

I'm sorry, but I think I do not understand your tagging manual well.

Do you tell me exactly what I have to change to be correct for example in my last 3 videos?

My apologies if I find it very annoying, but honestly I feel lost with the requirements.

Kind regards

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