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I have tagged my streams with the correct hashtags and played the games for hours. My scores do not seem to rise at all. I have streamed 5 games now to 100+ viewers and my coverage score will not move. Is there a way an admin can either remove these games from my que because I do not want my account to be flagged for not covering games and just taking keys. I would rather pay the devs for the key than have to make more content on some of these.

I have even tried to separate the VoDs and give them the correct tags and still nothing.

Also I streamed 2 games today All Hail the King and Little Imps, both do not appear in the twich directory so I have to use the category "Games+demos". This does not allow me to add tags/edit on my coverage stream.


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I just had a look on your content stream and everything seems alright.

Which scores are you talking about that are not rising?

I can see all of your streams on your content stream, but I just noticed that your coverage count says 50, while it shows me on your profile from my side that it is 71 items. It ordered a rescan to your account which will take a while as it scans through everything again.

You should be able to edit your tags on the twitch streams when you click on "edit tags" on the right side of the stream that has the link to the stream (the other one that shows up is the stats from the stream). I saw you changed it already for a few of the streams, and as long as it is the way you changed it, the devs can see it and everything is alright :)
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What does that score even mean. What is 71 items. I've covered every game that I have gotten a key for. One game literally is unplayable and I refuse to stream it. I have tried reaching out to the developers to no avail, I want to give them money so I can get this removed from my Que.

I just want to know why my score is 50 and on your side it says 71 items, I only have 6 keys. I see people with 1-3 views on videos/streams saying they are getting keys. At the end of the day I just want to make good content for my community but rarely get keys that I put in for unless its an ultra indie game.
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The coverage means whatever coverage (youtube, twitter, twitch, mixer) you have produced in the last 30 days and is basically just a measurement for devs to see if and how much coverage is being produced, they cannot see for which game it is.

The devs only see specific coverage to their game, aka if you make a tweet with the hashtag, behind your username on their games site it shows 1 tweet. If you stream or upload a video they can see the video and watch it and sees their stats.

You do not need to cover every single game you are getting from keymailer, as I am sure there will be a few games that are not how they looked like from their trailers.

Who gets a key, is not in our hand as the devs send the keys out themselves, we are only the platform in which they can upload the keys and distribute it.

For "big" games we get >100k requests, up to 10k per day. On average keys 100-300 keys get send out per round. How many keys get send out in the end it up to the devs.

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