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Just as the title says, mixer stream and twitter are sometimes not updating to my keymailer coverage.

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I had a look on your content stream and on my first look it seems like everything is there. Is it a specific game or games that are not being showing up on your content stream? It sounds to me like there is a broken link inbetween mixer/twitter and keymailer.
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I disconnected it, reconnected it and refreshed it, it updated it with everything i was missing. Does it take a while to catch up on coverage?
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Because i dont see todays stream on there
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for mixer anyways and thats the one im having issues with
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It usually takes up to 72h for new streams to show up.
I had a look and your last Gametag on mixer has been astroneer which is also the last stream that shows up on your content stream, so it picked it up.

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