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I joined  up a while ago and I keep checking back in to see if I have been accredited since I'm not 100% sure what you call an audience of at least 50. Every time I come back I take a look at my videos and I have 15 marked as "This content item has been flagged as invalid" I was wondering why that was. I don't see any options to edit the tags on those videos since there are tags added that have nothing to do with those games.

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I had a look on your account and all of the flagged videos were due to the tags that have nothing to do with the games, I can unflag the videos, but the tags then have to be changed, as they otherwise get flagged right away by the devs again.
In order for the tags to not show up on your videos at all, you should change the way you are tagging your videos on youtube.
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I changed the ones i could any idea what tags would be flagging them for other games. I never tag with other games other then the main  one.
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