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I have found that a lot of publishers that are giving me keys do not have their title as a game on Twitch.  I am not getting credit for this content.  Most recently, the game was The Outlaw, The Drunk, and The Whore.  I am not going to stream games from this site for which I get no credit on this site.  It puts my content generation in a downward spiral when I could be generating content to further my efforts.

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Hi IdentityZer0,

I understand your frustration, its frustrating us as well!
 Keymailer is trying to encourage developers to make sure they add the game on Giantbomb's Wiki before the games release to avoid this issue. They're also talking with Twitch to see if there is a way we can help communicate this.

While this is being resolved, here's a couple of tips to help solve this problem.

1) Ask for the game to be added to Giantbomb's wiki, and as soon as it is, the content will appear automatically on your Keymailer profile

2) Upload the VOD content on to YouTube with the games YouTube tag (found on Keymailer site), and it will appear in your stream

Have a nice day :)

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