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I just found out today that my account was 'Unaccreditated. Why is this? I have 884 subscribers on my Youtube channel, and I post daily videos. My understanding is that it may be a tag issue. All of my videos seem to be tagged as 'vlog' on the Keymailer site, which is weird because most of my videos aren't vlogs, they're gaming videos. Mind you, the 'vlog' tag is one of my tags on my channel, but it's further behind many of my other tags. So, why is Keymailer only identifying the 'vlog' tag? And if it's not a tagging issue, then what could it be? I signed up last Wednesday and have been waiting to be accreditated since. Is there any way to possibly change things around so that my account can be accreditated? Please get back to me when you can. Thanks.

- Stephan

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I had a look on your account and your account isn't accredited due to your tagging.

I had a look on your last connected video on your content stream which is "3 Horror Games #12" I had a look at its tags that you tagged it with and it has no gaming tag whatsoever. It has only the tags: "Gaming Step Vibes StepVibes #1 funny horror gamer game videogame pro entertainment let's plays let's plays Video hilarious comedy cool exciting enjoyment enjoy scary vlog vr virtual reality"

Keymailer is scanning those tags for the videogame titles and can only find one tag that is matching to one on its database which is "vlog". So it only shows vlog as a tag to the game which is a incorrect tag.

The videos have to be tagged with its exact video tags, otherwise they get flagged up as invalid and the account gets put on hold and not accredited until it has been resolved and the new uploads have the right tags.
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Ah, I see. I don't have any knowledge on Keymailer's tagging system. Is the tag supposed to be labled as 'Videogame', or is it supposed to be labled as 'Gaming'? Also, is there a way to manually change the tags within Keymailer?
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