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Now, it is entirely possible I'm just unlucky, and my key requests simply aren't being considered by the publishers I'm requesting from.

My issue is that when I request keys, I never seem to get any a confirmation or a denial of my request. I realize I'm certainly not going to get every request and that's totally fine, but the fact the requests aren't even denied but simply sit there makes me wonder if maybe the requests aren't being seen?

Could there be an issue with my account?

I appreciate anyone who could look into this for me. Again, it could just simply be that I'm unlucky and everything is working as intended.

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I had a look on your account and it is completely normal, there is no shadowban or anything.
I also had a look and I could see you on the list of the requested users on the games.

A lot of devs don't reject keys as it would be too much work, annoying I know. Especially bigger games usually don't reject keys, I had a look on Resident Evil 2 as it is one of the keys you have requested and it has still over 6000 requests open, rejecting all of them, would take quite a while which some devs have, some don't.

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