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Another accreditation question, and I have looked at other similar issues but can't really solve the problem.

In many of my videos, the system identified two games for a video. This is not correct and I'm trying to correct it as I write this. However, some videos got "incorrectly tagged" while other did not. And I can't update the tags on the invalid videos. Furthermore, I don't know why they are invalid...It would be good to get an explanation to why they are considered invalid.

I guess the invalid video tagging is the reason for not getting accreditation, so of course I would like to fix it. Is there a way to do this without uploading new videos? (Which I of course will do, but it will take more time than just fixing some tags.)

My subscribers appreciate that I add extra information in the video description (it's also important for traceability), but it might also be the reason for getting invalid and incorrect tagging...? In a video about Minecraft where I covered "Thermal Foundation" the automated system tagged the game "Foundation" which of course is not correct, but I don't consider it my fault :)

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If you want to change the tags on those videos, let me know and I can unflag them so you can edit the tags.

The tags it found on those videos are the tags you have set for the video, for example the video "Thermal Mods #19" has the tags: Tutorial tkh Tip upgrade the power minecraft how-to feed Learn build guide beast tips how craft help tricks to spotlight auto crafting expansion foundation dynamics innovation cultivation

Keymailer picks up the tags minecraft and foundation, which is why it shows those two tags as game tags on your video.

The description box has nothing to do with the tags keymailer is scanning, it is only scanning whatever you put into the video tags.
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Hi again, thanks for the answer.

Please unflag my videos so I can review and correct the tags. But what is the reason for the videos to become flagged as invalid in the first place? Is it because of the incorrect game tag (Foundation in this case), too many tags or something else?

At least good to know the video description is not affecting this.

I guess the number of invalid videos affected the accreditation status as well?

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