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Some games just have poorly thought out tags, leading to a large amount of my videos being mistagged.

Blood Day - "shooter"
"Shooter" is a game genre, and so it's not uncommon for first-person shooters or similar to be tagged with it.

Magic Gun - "magic"
Magic is a common word in video games, and isn't nearly unique enough to count as a game-specific tag.

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity - "touhou"
The Touhou franchise consists of more than 30 official games, and countless fan games. This tag should be more specific.

I apologize if this isn't the right place to report these, but I didn't see anywhere else where I could do so.
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You can manually edit the tags by clicking EDIT TAGS from your profile page.
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Yes, I can manually fix this for each and every video I upload - but I believe that they should be changed on the site, globally, in order to prevent this from being a future issue.

1 Answer

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The tags are not set by us,  but by the devs when they set up the game details. The only way we can change tags is when it is a wrong link between keymailer tag and twitch tag and keymailer and mixer tag.
OR if they decide to call a gametag "game".
The flagging in that case is not only done by keymailer staff members (in case of tagging 5-6 games that are not being played) and the devs themselves when they check the videos that have been tagged with their games.

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