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I make gaming videos on Youtube, so I've been tagging my videos on here with the "Video Game" tag, but the site is saying my tags are Invalid. Why is that? Most of the games I play aren't on Steam, they're mainly on Gamejolt and Itch, so if that's an issue, then that's just stupid. Last week I contacted you guys about the tagging issue, but you informed me on what was going on. What's the issue now? Is there an extra step that needs to be taken to "correctly" tag my videos? If so, then I'm just going to delete my account. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

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The tag "Video Game" is connected to an actual game that is called "video game" (I know what a great name for a video game :D)

Unfortunately, as soon as you tag your videos with the tag "video game" they show up on the devs side as a video that contains his game. If thats not the case they flag the videos as wrong tags.

We are always able to add tags into our database so that games can be accounted for, now, we are mainly basing our games on steam, but we are also able to add other game tags (just gotta let us know ;) )

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