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Hi sir,
I have so much videos covering video games on the website, they can be seen on my keymailer profile as they were tagged successfully.
However my accreditation status are lost
And on my profile it's saying played +1h 0 and vr games 0 and 0 covered games even if I have covered more that a 80 videos which are shown on my profile.
What is the problem?
Thank you.
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I have the same problem regarding it saying 0 games covered even though they clearly show on my profile and are correctly  tagged.
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it's ok , my channel was pending and now everything is ok , thanks keymailer

1 Answer

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Hi zdik23,

I had a look on your account and it shows to me that you are accredited and the hours played as well as games covered.

It usually takes a while for it to update.

Have a nice day :)

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