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So I've just gotten accredited today. I have seen screenshots from other people having been accredited, having a "Influence rank" thing on their "My profile" tab, as well as a "Content missing" button that let's you add content that was not detected. I got an email saying I got accredited, I went to my page, it shows the little check and all that was added was this little tab with a blue line on top, saying "Coverage" with the number 56 under it. No explenation or information about what's new or what happens now I'm accredited. Am I missing things from my account? Is this a bug? Is there a way I can fix this? I hope to hear from you soon.

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Congratulations on getting accredited!
The influence rank has been an old model that has been taken down, as it is getting updated right now.
You can only add missing content for youtube, as you do not have a youtube account connected, the button isn't showing up to you.

Basically the biggest change with the accreditation status is that you are on another list with the publishers.
On default, the unaccredited and pending accounts get listed out of the view of devs, they have to click on a special check to make those visible to them. As they like to send keys out to users that have been checked first, most of them leave the unaccredited accounts filtered out and only send keys to those that are accredited.

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