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Multiple of my streams, and also a very big one(Feb. 24th) wasnt credited for my views and watch time. I know that "Games we do not have on our site are not credited" but yet Just Chatting is counted as a game, same with Smash Bros, and Apex Legends, but not when I stream Anthem. It bothers me because I had front page time on that day and also I've been getting decent numbers on that game but its not being documented. Please explain and or please count this time towards this game, its frustrating feeling like I'm not getting credited for the work I put in.

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Not a KM Member but I figured I'd help answer.

The first games you describe as well as "Just Chatting" are all on the website. Anthem is not so it isn't counting toward your credit. Since they do not count games that aren't on the site, you won't get credit for it.

Hope this explains what is happening. Not sure if it will be fixed unless it gets added to the site, then it should update as long as it isn't too old to count.

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Exactly this :) I had a look and anthem should be added as a tag today, so games should be picked up within the next 24h
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