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My Mixer channel has been getting picked up properly for quite some time now but my most recent stream (which has 5 different games in it I want to tag) is not being picked up at all. I've done a manual refresh and 24 hours later, the button becomes available again but the stream is still not showing up. I know Mixer's API gets changed without noticed sometimes so I wanted to bring this to your attention as Mixer is my primary platform.


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Thank you for the heads up!

Let me have a look what is going on. I can't see anything being wrong from my side, so it should be picked up. I forwarded it to our devs so that they can have a look at it
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Thank you much! I'm doing another stream tonight so I'll see if that shows up tomorrow. Maybe it's just something with that most recent broadcast.
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So FYI, tonight's stream showed up. It's only the one from the weekend that didn't. This is kind of a bummer as I covered 5 different games in that stream (several I got from here) and would really like that coverage to show up to developers. :(

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