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As far as the format for my videos I have the tags that go with every video that I upload. The only part of this tag setup that I change is the tag for the specific game when I move on to the next title. The games before the most current uploads don't have any issue being flagged, though they do have the wrong games tagged which it does allow me to edit and correct them.

The games in question happen to be for Far Cry: New Dawn and Yakuza 0.

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When checking for accreditation we have a look at the most recent 10-12 videos, so when your last ones have been flagged for incorrect tagging, a staff must have checked your account in that time.

As soon as a dev is checking its accounts connected to their tag, they flag as well.

I had a look on your account and none of the videos have been tagged correctly (none of the videos have the tag: far cry primal  or yakuza 0 )

So if your account is being checked by  staff member, they will all be flagged until the tagging is correct.
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I have corrected the Yakuza videos to show Yakuza 0 in the tag, but the other game is the new far cry. Far cry new dawn and not far cry primal.

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