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When I signed up to keymailer I used my own company e.mail address. Now that I've seen the site I would to change it to the main company e.mail, can this be done or will I have to closed this account in order to do so??

I've also noticed accreditation is rather slow despite us having 500 plus video on our YT channel. Based on what I've seen at no point does Keymailer explain that all the video tags it attaches to your videos need to be manually checked. Some tags are even randomly added and have no connection to our videos, I have a Star Fox video tagged as Star Advent, despite the term not being included in the video text or tag. I've gone through and cleaned out all the none relevant tags I can today, but some are flagged as "This content item has been flagged as invalid" and I can't delete it at my end.

This seems to be a flaw with the keymail system and needs correcting, you also need to make it clear that the tags need to be manually check in case keymailer incorrectly labels video with them. That said I'm guessing will need to start the process again if I need to delete my account to change e.mail contact.

Thanks in advance for any replies

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Thank you for your feedback.

Your email address can always be changed when you go onto your "My Profile" tab and go onto "Settings" and then onto "Account" here you can always edit or change your email address.

I tried to have a look on your account to see what is going on there, but the email address you have provided here doesn't seem to match with the one on your keymailer account.

The tags are being set by the publishers and devs themselves, the only time we intervere is when a tag is being set that was not that clever (e.g "Game"). Unfortunately, we do not notice those right away until someone mentions it. This was also the case for "Star Advent" which had the tag "star". I just changed it, so it shouldn't randomly be tagged.

If you can give me your username or email address, I can have a look at your account to see what is going on there
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Hi thanks for the reply,

Our account user name is showing as Randomised Gaming, I was able to change e.mail address yesterday not long after I posted this so that might explain the issue you encountered. As I used the same e.mail originally for both, but changed are account one soon after. By the sound of it, the best idea is for me to resign up to the help section with our new primary e.mail, to avoid any future confusion.

We also got accreditation yesterday, which resolves that issue also. So good news on that front.

One point I would like to raise, I find it a bit odd that we have to sign up for again for the help service, also the fact the login isn't under https for this help forum is a little concerning and needs looking at from your end for a security point of view. As many users are likely to double up account details between the two logins and this area at present could be vulnerable.

I worked in games QA and website design, so I've very good at spoting issues and bugs.

Cheers for your help
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Glad everything worked out!
And thank you for pointing that out, I shot it right to our devs and to James so that they can have a look at it, your help is so appreciated!

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